Photography as Activism

About This Blog...

But Really It's a Journey

“I will use this blog to dust myself off as I piece together the creative and vulnerable part of me that was locked away for so long trying to do something my spirit was not meant to do. This space feels like the uncertain phase after a destructive act of God. That moment when you go back home and sift through the pieces of your past to see what can be salvaged and what is soaked in toxic mold and will kill you if you try to carry it with you.

So, bare with me on this blog as my skills evolve. Its been a minute, but getting started is a must. I want to say that I don’t care what yall say about my writing issues, but I am actually sensitive about my shit.

Ohhhh….and other writers and artists who just want to write, report, contribute, whatever….please click here. Let’s make this happen for the culture.”

Excerpt from Moving Beyond the Doubt

The Photography Activist


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